Al (rackstraw) wrote in agnosticism,

What Can Ya Do?

Not long ago, I did a Google search about agnostics. Far too high on the results was this ridiculously offensive essay. The thesis was that agnosticism was only for those who hadn't heard enough arguments or info to decide between atheism and theism. Claimed any agnostic who listened to the arguments would be swayed one way or the other.

It made some specious points. Quoted Huxley, galling as that is, after presenting him in an unflattering light. Hadn't heard the quote before. Said that agnosticism is a method and not a creed. The essay also noted that everyone has some bias one way or the other. The author struck me as some kind of thinly veiled fundamentalist.

Mentioned this while spending yesterday with essexxx. Thought her counterpoints were notably clearheaded.

Thing is reading it kinda boiled my blood for a bit, there. It's begging to be argued with and debunked, yet what can I do?

Could e-mail the author and point out the logical errors. But people usually can't be talked out of their long-held philosophies. Author would probably just not reply with more bad logic or, more likely, just ignore me.

Could write an essay in response, referencing and counterpointing. Problem there is I'd be directing people to the original essay and bad publicity, as they say, is better than no publicity.

Could write a pro-agnostic essay of my own and not mention the evil essay. Could then try to preclude the evil essay on search results. This idea mayn't have any of the associated drawbacks.

Will most likely do what I've been doing; just ignoring it.
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