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What are your specific reasons to doubt atheists?

I'm not atheist, I'm pretty much 50/50 agnostic, but, unusually, I don't know if I even like the idea of God. However, my life motto is to be as open-minded as possible, and I have heard a few things which make me think maybe a God does exist. Does anyone have specific experiences or heard specific stories which turn them away from full atheism, or are most of you not 100% atheist because you can't 100% disprove God?

Anyway, here are some stories I've heard.

I've removed names for the sake of my own and others' anonymity.

*Someone I know was having a beer with a medium, who out of the blue said he was getting messages from my friend's ancestors (even giving their unusual, foreign names and specific message, apparently vaguely about an afterlife). My friend had only just met the man.
*A woman (mutual friend) had not heard from her son for months. She went to church and prayed for him to call, and arrived home to find a missed call from him.
*I was watching a TV programme the other night about the diaries of Titanic survivors. There was one man who said that he thought he was going to die as he sunk underwater, so he prayed God would send his loved ones a message. His wife was not on the boat with him, and had a sudden strong feeling to pray - her prayer book by chance fell open at the page of a prayer for those at sea.

For me, the first is the spookiest, partly because my source is more reliable - I am extremely close not to the medium, but to the other man. The second and third could be coincidences I suppose, but then again, they could mean something.

What is your reaction to these stories? Have you heard similar or had an experiences of your own. Admittedly I've never experienced any of these things first hand.
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