The Kensho Agnostic (pure_agnostic) wrote in agnosticism,
The Kensho Agnostic

Pascal's Wager

I came across this description of Pascal's Wager recently and thought I would share with you.

Pascal's Wager is the ultimate con game to gain belief. For instance, I have a lotion. I want to sell it to you. I tell you it is a magic lotion that prevents sharks from attacking you. Since you have no proof that what I am saying is false then it might be better to believe in the lotion than allow yourself the risk of being attacked by a shark. Well, if you're an easy mark, I just made money and got you to believe in something out of fear. That is Pascals Wager. Better to believe in the 'lotion' than to face the possibility that I may be right about the danger that I claim you face.

I've never liked Pascal's Wager, but until now, could not give a simple explanation why other than it seemed wrong.  Now this simple paragraph really puts the wager in perspective.
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